I thought you might want to know what a few people have said about their experience of working with me, that will give you the confidence that with me, you are in skilled, knowledgeable and safe company.

Graham, Nottinghamshire.

“Before I started my personal development work with True North Therapy I was emotionally, socially and professionally debilitated, to the point where most areas of my life were proving very difficult to live through. Richard used some very powerful and effective techniques to set me free from some significant emotional baggage that had been holding me back. I was not even consciously aware of some of the issues that Richard has helped me with!

My life has been transformed, so that I am now far more financially secure, I feel and look great, my personal relationships are much improved, my professional life is far more enjoyable, and I understand more about who I am, where I’ve come from, and most importantly, where I want to be.

You will be amazed by the person you can be with the help of Richard. If you’re looking to improve yourself or to solve problems you’re facing then I strongly suggest you contact Richard. You will be so pleased that you did.”

Chris, Nottinghamshire.

“Recently I asked Richard to help me with a big issue in my life that I had lived with for as a long as I can remember. He spent about 30 minutes with me and I am ecstatic to say the issue has disappeared and I feel like a big weight has been lifted from my shoulders.

He asked some insightful questions and then guided me through a process which was aimed at resolving the most pressing and relevant of my issues. I would like to thank Richard deeply for helping me in this way and would recommend him to anyone wanting to see a major change in their life.”

Adam, Nottinghamshire.

“Richard has a lovely relaxed and open way about him. Before no time I was opening up to him about my problem. In fact Richard seemed to have an uncanny way of knowing what the issues were before I even told him!

He asked me lots of questions, but I never felt uneasy at any time during our session. He soon identified some key areas for discussion, and also uncovered a deep seated self- limiting belief about myself, which was quite emotional for me and also a big Eureka moment.

By the end of the sessions, we had dealt with a major limiting belief about myself which stemmed from a very young age; agreed some goals moving forward which we placed in my future Timeline, and then agreed follow up tasks, which really made me feel supported. An amazing session, where I really felt that I had finally knocked down some “inner walls”, which had been holding me back in my relationship.”

Sarah, Surrey.

“I received treatment from Richard Lamb for several months at the end of 2012. Without Richard I would have definitely struggled to make sense of some completely bizarre turning points in my life – in which the tried and tested model of accepted thinking never completely addressed issues at the core: behaviour and models of how I interact and view the world around me, creating my reality as I go along and always having a choice in how to derive meaning from others actions and how I am also how I have an effect. Importantly ‘cause and effect’ is something Richard has taught me to recognise with much clearer focus. I realized I was at effect and not at cause for some of the things that were problematic for me. Meaning that I wasn’t realizing that I can take much greater control and do not have to be affected by others so much that my feelings take such precedence that my entire emotional and mental state becomes compromised and cloudy, leaving me anxious, confused and depressed.

I would recommend Richard Lamb to any anyone, especially those who take an interest in the mind and the unlimited power that each and every one of us has inside of us. He is one of the most compassionate teachers and mentors that I have ever had. He listens and focuses 100% of his attention on you. At times it is not easy facing up to your ‘shadow side’ and letting go of those limiting beliefs that we come to rely protect our egos, that we know on a level, no longer serve a positive purpose for us. Richard guided me through some very emotional and trying experiences. He is an incredible listener and a truly empathetic soul.

Richard’s room at The Heathcoat Street Clinic is a welcoming, clear and open space that helps steer away from distraction so you can really enter the arena of the mind, and healing can begin.”

Peter, Nottinghamshire.

“When you are walking through life’s maze and can’t find your way out of the dead end, it’s helpful to have a good soul hold open a door and point out a new direction. Richard is that person. He holds open your space for growth, learning and change with kindness, humour and compassion.

But don’t expect that it will be an easy trot to the finish line of personal enlightenment; once through that doorway expect to be pushed, prodded and challenged. Personal growth is a mixture of discomfort and difficulty, but also immense growth and gain.

If you are ready to take a leap, move forwards, come into alignment with your true self and thrive, then Richard is your man.”

Mary, Nottinghamshire.

“I asked Richard to help me with an issue that had been affecting me for many years, something that was beginning to be a problem within my everyday life. Change is never easy but in order to do so you have to be prepared to take a giant leap forward. Richard was able to guide me through this change.

Richard helped me come to terms with the behaviours and triggers linked to my ‘problem’ and even the unconscious elements to them. These all had links to other aspects of my life (my wheel of life) that were clouding my judgement and leaving me confused and often depressed. Throughout my initial breakthrough session and other controlled sessions I felt truly at ease to dwell deeper into my unconscious mind to address the problems and behaviours and piece them together. Eventually these unveiled the important answers to why I was behaving the way I was. The result was a breakthrough.

Since my sessions at the clinic Richard and I have continued a lasting friendship built upon trust and the knowledge that I am always able to keep in touch with concerns or questions. In terms of change I am now at the beginning of a new journey in my own life ‘smoke free’ and it is thanks to Richard’s patience, professionalism and expertise of both the conscious and unconscious mind. But the sessions have also taught me to appreciate what I already have in life and how with the right will power and energy, going forward is always better that going backwards.

Thank you Richard.”

If having read this, and you’d like to know more about how I can help you, I offer a confidential free 20-30 minute telephone or Skype consultation. Alternatively you can contact me through the contact form on the Get in Touch page.