Personal Development

When working personal development goals (which is a pretty broad topic), ‘self-hypnosis’ really just means a state of awareness that means “I’m ready to learn”. When they want to develop particular emotional qualities or character attributes, it is vital that they are ‘ready to learn’. Otherwise they risk getting caught in a trap of wishful thinking with no prospect of real change.

So hypnosis is an ideal way for you to enhance your personal development. Whether you want to improve your personal performance in a specific field, or feel better able in handling challenging circumstances (or people), or want to foster particular desirable qualities in yourself, going into a deep trance state and using the power of self-hypnosis can the difference which makes the difference in therapy and coaching.

For example, if you want to get into a confident, optimistic state, so that you can successfully deal with a situation that you might fear, then you can quickly learn how to hypnotically ‘switch on’ the state you want. That means that you can reliably attach that positive, resourceful feeling to the situation you’re facing – perhaps you have a presentation at work that you’re dreading – so that in future your unconscious mind has relearned how to go into the frame of mind that you want for that situation.

I can offer a range of targeted individual  sessions and tailored programs that will give you the tools, the skills and the confidence to make the most of yourself and your abilities and potential in life and be the person you want to be.

Motivation and Inspiration

Sometimes it can be a struggle to get out of bed in the morning, right? Motivation and inspiration might be in short supply sometime, but need it be all the time? The answer is ‘no’, as hypnosis has proved to be one of the most powerful approaches to boost enthusiasm for life, and can assist you in feeling inspired, so that you take action on those things that you value.

So when you go into that altered state of awareness, while you relax deeply, you can experience a detachment from your ‘day-to-day mind’ with its fixed routines that you do without any conscious choice. And those things you think are blocking you from going for what you want in life? We can work together to ‘open up’ your mind to alternatives, so that your highly creative unconscious mind is ready to receive new insights and create new perspectives on what is important to you.

My working with you in motivating yourself to focus specifically on taking you ‘out of your own way’, can empower you to begin seeing your whole life, or your current situation, in life-enriching ways.

Relaxation Techniques

Of all the relaxation techniques and methods you could possibly learn, hypnosis and guided imagery are by far the most effective – and quick acting for results. So when you combine hypnosis with other ways of relaxing that you already use – and that I can teach you – you have at your disposal a powerful suite of techniques and principles that can relax and invigorate you!

The real benefit of using hypnotic relaxation techniques is that it allows you – easily and effortlessly – to teach your unconscious mind how to achieve a state of deep relaxation quickly and easily. Even with just 10-15 minutes to spare, you can give yourself the equivalent of an hour’s deep rest. Think what a difference that could make to your day.

Whether you want to know how to learn progressive muscle relaxation to fall asleep quickly, or just enjoy at-home relaxation therapy to boost your energy, motivation and concentration, I can show you techniques that are just right for you.

Sleep Problems

Everybody takes sleep for granted. Until sleep problems appear, we pay little if any attention to those hours in each day. It’s one of those areas of life where we tend to expect Nature to just “take care of business” for us, and usually, Nature does a good job. However, sleep can be susceptible to a wide range of distractions – noise or physical disturbance are not the only things that can keep you awake when you’d really rather be fast asleep.

Fortunately, sleep patterns are learned (and as such are really habits!), and so are very responsive to approaches using hypnosis, so I have a range of hypnosis-based approaches to assist your unconscious mind in overcoming sleep problems, so that you get that good night’s rest.

I can help you moved beyond worrying thoughts, anxious feelings, and anything else that’s getting in the way of your making time for the fairies.

Sports Performance

Sports performance, as every serious sportsperson knows, is as much about what’s going on in your head as what’s going on in your body. We’ve all seen top-notch golfers lose their game for years on end, or sprinters lose those critical hundredths of a second that make the difference at the finishing line, due to a seemingly insuperable anxiety about the outcome. As a member of Great Britain’s Disabled Target Shooting Team, I am more than familiar with the importance of the ‘mental game’ in sports.

I can tailor a bespoke set of sports hypnosis sessions and self-improvement coaching to assist you in fine-tuning your performance so that, whatever field of sports you participate in, you get the very best from yourself, physically, mentally, emotionally. You’ll learn how to cultivate – and maintain – the attitudes and determination that take you to the next level.