As Psychosynthesis guides my approach in my hypnotherapy work, Psychosynthesis also informs and guides my approach to coaching. When we experience challenging times in life, where our assumptions (ie. our beliefs) are pushed, pulled and generally shown up to be less than effective, Psychosynthesis as an open, transpersonal, spiritual psychology provides a future-oriented framework for guiding people to realising their fullest potentials, for living a life of purpose: a life of Soul-making.

I adapted Psychosynthesis as a system of personal change and self-discovery, and it is through my own True North Framework that I brought the transpersonal psychology of psychosynthesis together with life coaching/guiding and hypnotherapy. I work with clients across the UK and internationally.

The Call of Self is a term of phrase I use to outline the unfolding authentic personality, that utterly unique spark that lies at the heart of each and everyone. We might also call that spark, that light within, our inner Sun. With psychosynthesis coaching/guiding we are opening up to deeper psychological levels, that put us in contact with our true values, based on a renewed vision and purpose. From those values and the meaning they give us, we identify goals, make choices, take action to change, and perhaps most importantly, to take chances.

In psychosynthesis coaching I work from the foundation of an adult to an adult relationship, lessening the power differential between client and coach. We are allies. Clients generally come to me with an embedded capacity to be relatively objective towards their life-story. Coaching is not psychotherapy, so if a block we encounter requires deeper exploration and resolution, I am in a position to refer clients onwards to trusted psychotherapy practitioners.

The Call of Self, as it asks clients to be true to themselves, truer and truer over time, is the guiding wisdom I follow in each and every session. I learn to hear that call as they do  and stay committed to each client’s deep connection to that Call. Purpose, meaning and values, come forth as goals and intentions, which I help clients to identify, define, then make manifest through awareness and will. Goals may be inner or outer, wide and global, or precise and articulate. All become goals that the client can monitor as they progress. Goals are actionable.

My role is to support the Act of Will and the client as a Willer, empowering purpose, and inviting, even requiring deliberation, to check the clarity of purpose, giving space to note and navigate unconscious agendas. I coach clients towards certainty that the voice who speaks and chooses, is speaking from the guidance of Self.

I show up fully present, willing and able to my most receptive assertive self, balancing the yin and yang of presence. In partnership we are aiming for transformation. This transformation is emerging for each person with whom I work.

I ask my clients to also show up fully, as best they can, though not laden with old stories and limiting beliefs as their only foundation. If we need to visit those foundations, we do so to recognise what is there, accepting the past with its gifts and losses, and move forward. I say, “Leave the basement and come into the house you are building. It is a beautiful house and only you can build it.”

My mission is to support my clients in realising their purpose and meaning, while imparting the tools and principles to as fellow travellers in this life. By honouring the deeper, unique meaning of their lives, they are able to follow their own Call of Self in their daily lives, in there own way, and in there own time.

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