“Healing is not the same as being cured. It is the development of new, more resilient attitudes with which to face one’s life.” ~ C J Jung

I am Richard Lamb and welcome to my psycho-spiritual coaching and therapy practice. My mission is to support people in discovering and navigating their personal purpose, meaning, and inner resilience through challenging times – times such as these, in 3rd decade of the 21st century.

The framework I apply is a collaboration of Transpersonal/Soul-Centred Life Coaching in the tradition of Psychosynthesis (a psychology recognising the reality of the unconscious), spiritual growth and maturity through the insights of depth psychology, and where necessary, a combination of psychotherapy-hypnotherapy. At the heart of this work is developing awareness; awareness of our hidden, unconscious landscape of needs, wants and compulsions which, without the light of awareness cast upon them, influence our goals and general decision-making. It is through our coming into awareness of, and relationship with, the inner landscape of our unconscious that we are able to take responsibility for path in life, as we are each and all conditioned by the society of birth, our family environment, and the now-global civilization we are citizens of.

The founder of Psychosynthesis, Roberto Assagioli, recognised that “there is no certainty, only adventure.” Honouring this call to adventure, as our world has transformed in the space of living memory. This simple truth informs my goal to acknowledge and serve your need for direction and resilience in the seemingly directionless, vulnerable period of history we find ourselves born into. That said, cultivating a spirit of adventure and courage in a world both full of uncertainty and potential lies at the heart of my practice.

Assagioli’s spiritually-oriented psychology Psychosynthesis, “a Psychology with Soul”, draws upon the richness of deep relaxation and centering through meditation, guided visualisation, mental imagery and symbolic art to access, identify, work with and transform the inner landscapes of our personal unconscious. Psychosynthesis, a dear friend and teacher once told me, is “Yoga for the Personality”. It is this path, this practice of Soul-Making, that I find deep inspiration from.

The quote of the great Carl Jung, who had a long-term professional and friendly relationship with Roberto Assagioli, illustrates the similarities in Jung’s approach to that of Assagioli’s, and it is that mark of respect and mutual interest in developing a relationship with the unconscious that I apply in my work.

It is my experience that people have within themselves the inner resources to consciously recognise, accept, work with and through the landscapes of their unconscious, in honor of life’s joys, challenges and burdens. For this exploration, discovery and transformation to be held, I offer a safe, confidential and supportive environment in which you can express your worries and challenges, feelings and dreams for a life lived consciously, wholly and authentically.

Above all, the work I do is both gentle and effective yet firm and grounded. It is also about growing and moving into our unique, sovereign individuality, our centre. It is the hidden centre, the “inner Sun” of our authentic selves, the Divine Spark we are all born with, that I am in services to emerging, and it is this inner light that rests at the centre of mystery traditions world-wide.

Free Initial 30-minute telephone consultation.
I offer a free 30-minute on-line consultation where we can explore how I can support you. If you want, jump right in and make an appointment through emailing me at richard@truenorthframework.co