Keeping things simple – my approach in a nutshell…

Life can be complicated enough, so I keep my approach relatively straight forward and transparent with all the people I work with. In essence my approach centres on a Soul-centred coaching perspective, integrating a broad range of approaches and techniques from NLP, Depth Psychology, Time Line Therapy™, and Hypnotherapy as and when appropriate.

I call this approach the True North Framework, which oriented towards enabling people to discover and follow their own true north through life’s transition. When we meet I’ll take you through my values and principles, just to make sure that you’re comfortable with them.

If we agree that we can work together, then the conversations that follow during consultations will allow us to identify what needs to change in your life, when by, and with what inner and outer resources you have to bring about to make the change possible. If there is a gap in your resources (which include skills and knowledge), then we can agree on a plan for you to acquire those resources.

Remember that our conversations will be open, honest and and authentic; changing our mind-sets and attitudes to make it through life’s cycles of expansion and contraction requires us, each and all, to be flexible in outlook and attitude.

If you’d like to know more about how I can help you, I offer all clients a free 60 minute free consultation. You can contact me through Skype, my mobile on +44 (0) 7920011440, or fill in the quick contact form on the Get in touch page.